isn't just a place, it's a state of mind

ruhrvalley is a place where vision, expertise and creativity meet responsibility and engagement. It is a space and an incentive for all who combine their competences across sector and discipline boundaries. Together, they work on:

  • Research topics in universities;
  • entrepreneurial topics in the economy;
  • socio-political topics in cities and municipalities;
  • other transfer related topics,

in such a way as to exploit the synergy effects between these areas and avoid working on them in parallel.

As in a living organism, which survives because of the different functions and contributions of its sub-systems, the diversity of the partners in ruhrvalley is not just desirable, but actually the key factor of the network’s competence.

  • Rv cd logo science

    We develop new research, transfer and teaching structures for the universities of applied sciences.

  • Rv cd logo solutions

    We bring together the partners to interact in ways that encourage innovation and develop interdisciplinary and systemic solutions for complex problems.

  • Rv cd logo evolution

    Within this innovation ecosystem we have creates an environment for new business models and company start-ups.

  • Rv cd logo connect

    We bring people together, link organisations and kindle cooperation.

  • Rv cd logo life

    We create value for the people in the metropolitan region and shape its transformation into “the place to be, work and live in.”

ruhrvalley Network

Mobility and Energy for Metropolitan Change

What do we believe in? What drives us?

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Together, we create secure and reliable technologies that enable the interac­tion and intelligent use of different forms of energy in a digital and interconnected world.

Mobility and Energy for Metropolitan Change

The partners united in ruhrvalley are convinced that the responsible use of energy and mobility will determine the future of life in metropolitan areas. We are developing future-oriented and interdisciplinary solutions for the post-fossil fuel society in project-based teamwork.

That's how ruhrvalley works

Team - Mobility and Energy for Metropolitan Change

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Thea Buchholz

Marketing & Brand Management
ruhrvalley Management Office
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Angelina Göke

Student Assistant
ruhrvalley Management Office
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Anna Hollstegge

Project Coordination & Human Resource Development
ruhrvalley Management Office
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Anke Kornmann

Project Assistant
ruhrvalley Management Office
+49 (0) 2323 91987 026

Torben Lippmann

Managing Director
ruhrvalley Cluster e.V.
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Prof. Dr. Norbert Wißing

Cluster Spokesman ruhrvalley
ruhrvalley Management Office
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