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Research creates the future. Whether new energy supply concepts, internet safety, intelligent mechatronic systems or new diagnosis and therapy systems in health care, we are working on solutions for tomorrow.

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ruhrvalley’s thematic focus on innovative mobility and energy systems lets us expand two of our research core areas and lend great stimulus to the region.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kriegesmann, President

Our core competencies

We consider strong research as the essential basis of modern teaching, which addresses current and future challenges. One of research’s supporting pillars is the diversity of topics it addresses. Our objective is to continue cultivating this diversity and simultaneously develop the core areas that set us apart.

Internet security
Health care

Partners in the projects

Vanadium redox flow batterie


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Schematischer elektrodenaufbau


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EMEL: Energy Management in Metropolitan eMobility-Charging Infrastructures

The extensive use of electric vehicles in metropolitan regions faces the same dilemma as electric...

Internet-Analyse-System (IAS)

“The network is the computer,” says an advertising slogan from SUN. As if to prove the truth of...
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In future, self-produced energy should be available at remote charging stations. Regional...
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GeoSmaGriR: Smart Solar Geothermal Energy Grid Ruhr

Flexible and decentralised feed of solar and geother­mal heat into heat networks using existing...

Management Project: ruhrvalley Management Office

The Management Office is the joint, cross-university institution that organises the integrative...
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"FH-Impuls" ruhrvalley

ruhrvalley is the beginning of the transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral centre of excellence for...
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NetLab: Networked Development and Testing Laboratory

Developing a decentralised test and development system for complex technological systems


In a joint research project called “Energy Self-Sufficient Borehole Sensor Technology Powered...
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Ruhr Master School

At Ruhr Master School of Applied Engineering (RMS) you can benefit from the diversity of...

Secure eMobility (SecMobil)

The goal of this research project is to create—in cooperation with other research partners—a ...
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The transformation of the energy sector into an energy industry based on renewable energy sources...

Internet-Kennzahlen-System (IKS)

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Sensors for above and/or underground monitoring of, for example, storage facilities or waste...

LiModPress: Modular Lithium-Ion Battery System Based on the Hydraulic Compression of Single Cells

Development of a working prototype of a modular lithium-ion battery system based on the hydraulic...
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SiME: System Innovation for Mobility and Energy in the Metropolis

Develop a holistic approach to a viable future energy and mobility system, using the Ruhr...
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Demographic change, diesel bans on German roads and the growing digitalisation in all areas have...
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RS1 Mobil

The fusion of car and bicycle revolutionises transportation over short and middle distances in...
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