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Secure eMobility (SecMobil)

The goal of this research project is to create—in cooperation with other research partners—a standardised security architecture that makes possible the secure and reliable exchange of data and messages between different domains, especially electric vehicle manufacturers, energy providers, transport services, service providers and payment system services, and comprehensive traffic control systems.

Due to the heavy dependence of electromobility on ICT systems, modern IT-security has become an important cross-sectional technology for the long term. All participants in electromobility will put great emphasis on reliable solutions in the next evolutionary phase. When economic aspects are considered, it is important that IT-security is closely linked to business models and is closely reviewed from a legal point of view. Therefore, this project not only opens the possibility to steer critical security technologies, but also to create new business models, which the underlying IT-security can stabilize in a sustainable way. The market potential of electromobility sustainably undergirded by IT-security can be unlocked by the following technologies, which the project seeks to develop:

Technologies for reliable, cost-effective electricity measurement (in the areas of electromobility as well as home and industrial applications).

Basic technologies for security in the vehicle, which enable additional services such as unlocking functions, an application store, identification with modern personal ID cards and software updates, creating new business models.

Basic technologies for security in infrastructure and services (PKI, ID-management, etc.) to steer, for example, identity management and billing processes between the different domains (smart car, smart grid, smart traffic). A holistic approach to the topic in two dimensions is representative of SecMobil. Content-wise, IT-security is covered in all system levels, from electricity measuring to networking over the Cloud, from a technical as well as from a legal point of view.

Information on funding and further project participants

Funding code: 01ME12024