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An impulse for the region and beyond… The development and construction of a decentralised drivetrain.

BOdrive is a decentralised drivetrain based on an electric motor. The objective of the project is to lower the costs and improve the energy efficiency of electric drivetrains through the simulation, development and comparison of different electric drivetrain topologies with decentralised motors. Using the simulation results as a starting point, a consortium, which lends the whole production chain a high level of vertical integration, develops the necessary requirements for converters and motors and assembles experimental models. These models are necessary in order to study effects that can only be partially factored in during simulations. The models are measured and tested for efficiency, power density and other variables in order to verify the parameters obtained in the simulations as well as to identify new ones. The analysis of the results helps to determine the best and most cost-effective combinations of converters and motors for use in the auto industry. At the end of the project, the motor and the converter are reengineered and optimised for future series production.

Information on funding and further project participants

Funding code: 64.65.69 – EM – 2032 A

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