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Validating a new type of modular electrolyser system for the production of hydrogen using renewable energy sources

Project objective

The best way to store electricity from renewable sources is to transform it into chemical energy, and for this purpose, polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysis is an effective and environmentally friendly method. The project’s objective is the technical implementation and validation of a new type of modular electrolyser system.

modular PEM electrolytic stack
Schematic depiction of a modular PEM electrolytic stack based on the principle of hydraulic cell compression

Project innovation

The project’s objective is the technical implementation of an electrolyser system, which produces hydrogen under high output pressure using a patented procedure. The homogenous operating conditions and the high degree of modularisation permit the industrial scalability of the PEM electrolyser system without loss of performance. The upscaling possibilities make these systems suitable for their use in grids with a high share of renewable energy sources. The project partners plan to turn the project results into a product “made and developed in North-Rhine-Wesphalia.”

Information on funding and further project participants

Funding code: EFRE-0400094

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