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Nanomaterials increase the performance of catalyst layers in fuel cell systems

Project objective

Industrially capable fuel cell systems are a practical solution for reconverting the renewable energy stored in hydrogen. The use of new nanomaterials will reduce the amount of noble-metal catalysts used.

Cyclic Voltammetry study of optimised Pt/CNF samples
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Cyclic Voltammetry study of optimised Pt/CNF samples

Project innovation

As a rule, carbon-based materials are used as carriers for the catalysts in a fuel cell. The project will use carbon nanofibers as carrier material, which offers several advantages, such as a higher degree of graphitisation; this reduces the necessary amounts of catalysts, which in turn helps reduce costs. In order to improve performance, the project will study the use of platin and platin alloys with a high specific electrochemical activity.

Information on funding and further project participants

Funding code: EFRE-0800111

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