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Preliminary Study BaaS LEV-Sharing

Battery as a Service for Light Electric Vehicles - Sharing

Starting Point

Light electric vehicle (LEV) sharing is seen as an approach to emission-free and energy-saving urban mobility. However, the sustainability of this service is questionable, especially because supplying the vehicles with energy and their short service lives have a negative impact on their ecological balance sheet. There is a need for smart, economical, and sustainable solutions for charging and changing the batteries and for supplying renewable energy. There is ample need for research on the integration of different battery and vehicle types and efficient payment systems, on social acceptance, and on the sustainability impact of novel mobility services.

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ruhrvalley Solution

The objective of the preliminary study BaaS LEV-Sharing is to explore innovative concepts for the energy supply of sharing services, to further develop the business model “Battery as a Service” (BaaS), and to examine the sustainability of the concepts. Some individual components of an energy supply concept, such as the battery swapping stations and solar stations, will be studied using demonstrators and will be tested in the Bochum urban area. A criteria catalogue will be developed to evaluate social acceptance for LEVs and sharing services, as well as the sustainability of the concepts. The result will be the definition of the requirements for a business model for sustainable energy supply, from technical, economic and application perspectives. The project’s approach is to learn from international leaders in the field and to adapt this knowledge to the particularities of the Ruhr Area.

Key Areas

  • Mobility sharing
  • Sustainability
  • Battery swapping services | battery-as-a-service

Information on funding and further project participants

Funding code: 13FH0E33IA

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