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ZIM Digital Road

ZIM digital road develops high-performance sensor technology with cloud-based real-time data processing for digital roads in urban and long distance traffic. The project partners focus on comprehensive capturing of urban traffic data in real-time.

One of society’s great challenges is how to transform the current transport system. Road users are faced with growing requirements, such as a more efficient utilisation of traffic routes by vehicles that act both intelligently and autonomously; however, the factor of transport infrastructure cannot be neglected. Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, together with Wilhelm Schröder GmbH, is working on the challenges of digital streets within the scope of the project “High-performance Sensing and Cloud-based Real Time Data Processing for a Digital Road in Urban and Long Distance Traffic” financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The project partners focus on comprehensive capturing of traffic data in real-time. This results in various application scenarios that include the immediate detection and notification of vehicles moving in the wrong direction, demand driven traffic flow control in urban areas and statistical analysis of traffic and parking data. The prototype developed during the project integrates the necessary sensor technology in delineator posts on the roadside, which supersedes the costly installation of induction loops. Working within the context of the core research area PIMES (Process Improvement for Mechatronic and Embedded Systems), the project team in Dortmund is responsible for the development of Smart Data Platform, responsible for processing, analysing and linking the captured sensor data.

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Funding code: ZF4038201DB5